ARNOLD & SPIESS ARCHITECTS has been creating spaces for education, worship, commerce, and government functions since June of 1980.


The primary mission of Arnold & Spiess Architects, Inc. is to produce completed architectural work that reflects excellence in design while addressing each project’s unique character and requirements of function, economics and technology.  We believe that those who will inhabit the buildings are the best source of information regarding the appropriate design of those buildings.  We listen to our clients and strive to identify the unique as well as the general criteria of each project.  An architectural solution based on direct functional requirements as well as more subtle elements of image, character and quality is our goal.


Arnold & Spiess Architects, Inc. is organized to operate with four to seven persons and has done so for most of its history.  Organization is linear, tailored to the work in progress and structured to facilitate the formation of project teams.  For individual projects, teams are expanded by the inclusion of consulting specialists and engineers with specific talents and expertise.


The firm was initially established as a partnership under the name Arnold & Spiess Architects but was incorporated in August of 1980.  Following the untimely death of Mr. Spiess in an automobile accident in 1983, the firm was reorganized with Mr. Arnold becoming the sole director and stockholder of the corporation.  In memory of Mr. Spiess and his family, his name remains a part of the corporate identity.

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