In most cases, we believe a successful design solution will project a sense of place that is of its own time.  The design for each project should listen to the past, serve the present, address the future and respect its surroundings.  The design solution should grow naturally from functional, spiritual, contextual, technical and economic aspects of the project.

We see the design process as a problem-solving endeavor.  Given a set of existing conditions (site configuration, climate, topography, orientation, traffic patterns, building codes and zoning regulations), we prefer to work in concert with our clients and those who will occupy the building to define a set of goals and aspirations (building size, use, budget, character and construction schedule) referred to as the Architectural Program.

Ultimately, the design solution for a project emerges from the manipulation of all the elements defined in the Architectural Program to solve the equation.  This is our challenge and the source of our enjoyment and livelihood. 

By prioritizing the programmatic requirements and balancing each against the others, our object is to create a definable whole with a “sense of place” that positively responds to the program and to a larger context of community.


Arnold & Spiess Architects has ongoing relationships with several consulting firms in the following disciplines:

•    Civil Engineering

•    Mechanical Engineering

•    Landscape Architecture

•    Theatrical Design

•    Geotechnical

We endeavor to select the consultant who best fits the project’s scope, budget and schedule.

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•    Structural Engineering

•    Electrical Engineering

•    Interior Design

•    Acoustical Design

•    Fire Protection and Life Safety